Brand Storytelling: Taking Your Company to the Silver Screen of Business

Brand Storytelling: Taking Your Company to the Silver Screen of Business

By: Braelin Ash | Posted: August 8, 2023


Brand storytelling is much like a well-made film. Great films encompass a narrative that communicates a message, evokes feeling, and establishes a strong bond between its characters and audience. These components apply to a solid brand story as well, and potential consumers who connect with your brand story are more likely to establish a trusting relationship with your company, enticing them to invest in your products or services.

A brand story must be clear and concise while thorough and containing colorful details. Otherwise, rather than a film, the brand story will better reflect its trailer. Brand stories also present more than simple facts about the company for which they are written. They appeal to the humanity and emotions of potential consumers as well as their need for community and connection. In other words, nobody likes a dry movie. Companies that humanize themselves and connect with their consumers on a deeper level are the ones that stand out from the rest.

Providing a Purpose

A notable film communicates a message that its creators feel needs to be heard. Much like a company’s mission statement, the overall message of a film is its purpose, the reason for which it was created at all.

Similar to films, brands have a purpose for which they were founded, which is a crucial portion of its mission statement. The mission statement of a company concisely explains the reason for its founding as well as its overarching purpose. It explains the problem that the company sets out to resolve as well as how it goes about resolving it.

The message of a film provides purpose and direction to its audience in addition to its writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, and the rest of its staff. A mission statement does the same, serving as a message that supports the company’s aims and ideals, providing purpose and direction to its target audience as well as its employees.

Feelings do Matter

Consider what you feel when seeing a film you enjoy. Perhaps you feel happy and silly while watching your favorite comedy, or maybe you feel excited and terrified during a horror movie you are viewing for the first time. A great film evokes emotions from its audience. In turn, those watching develop a strong connection with the story and become more engaged. Those who are reading your brand story should endure this same process.

A company’s brand story is not simply a detailed description of its products and services. When a potential consumer connects emotionally to your brand story, they are much more likely to stay loyal to your brand and even recommend it to people they know.

You are the Main Character

It is more than likely that the movies you consider to be ‘great’ contain at least one character (but maybe more) that you either relate to or feel attached to in some way. A well-made film has characters specifically designed to appeal and relate to its target audience. This allows for a strong bond to be created between a film’s characters and audience. While human beings are not manufactured in this way, there are most certainly traits of a company as well as its founders, owners, and employees that are engaging and enticing to potential consumers.

Think of yourself as the star of your brand. While your company’s history, mission, goals, and strategies are all vital, you are the one communicating it all. Considering this, your unique voice and ideas must be authentically communicated through your brand story in order to maximize the interest of your target audience.

What makes your ideas special? What makes your brand stand out?

Eli’s Electrical Solutions

Eli’s Electrical Solutions has a unique and compelling brand story. Eli has had extensive knowledge of electrical appliances and functions for a long time. He apprenticed for an electrician at a young age and never stopped loving the industry. He has always been passionate about making things work and lighting up a room. Once he gained more experience in the industry, he opened up his own store and sold electrical appliances, providing his knowledge and expertise on the subject to all his consumers that were looking to place electrical additions into their homes.

As Eli grew older, he faced new challenges with his business. Competing with other businesses became more complicated. Eli had a plethora of knowledge on electrical goods and services, but he found that his website had become outdated and his business was starting to be visited much less than those of his competitors. He grew frustrated, as he still had a passion for helping people and sharing his knowledge, but he felt he could not keep up with new technology and marketing strategies. His business began to struggle.

Fearing the possibility of needing to close his business, Eli reached out to his son, Ezra, who works for a leading technology firm. Ezra helped his father to learn more about modern technology and marketing strategies. Eli also contacted Brandit to receive the best guidance and assistance possible while revamping his website and making big, beautiful changes to his business.

Now, Eli’s Electrical Solutions is a company with several locations across the New England area. The business still sells appliances, but it now also offers installations and repairs for all electrical needs. The brand reaches more people with more services, which has added tremendous enhancements to the company and its style. Most importantly, Eli has continued doing what he loves the most; enhancing the homes of his many clients by finding effective solutions, making them feel comfortable, satisfied, and happy in their living space.

Leave Them Wanting More

In all honesty, most people skip the credits at the end of a movie. However, if you thoroughly enjoyed the film, you may look into reviews and fan theories to learn even more about it. You may research a particular actor to see what else they have performed in.

Brand storytelling makes consumers want to learn more. The objective of a brand story is to make a company stand out, connect with its target audience, gain the trust of its customers, and of course drive sales.

Your brand story should give your audience enough information to engage them and give them a solid idea of what your company does and how, as well as its mission and origin, while leaving them intrigued, enticing them to reach out and build a business-consumer relationship with your brand. Following these criteria to create an effective brand story will have customers rolling in like the never-ending credits of a quality film.

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