Marketing Automation – Email Marketing

Chapter 1 – Email Marketing Automation  By: Krystal Clark  Posted: February 15, 2022   The complexities of Marketing Automation CAN be simple with the right platform. Have you ever wondered about the process that takes place after visiting TJMaxx, Target, Bath and Body Works, or any of your favorite stores (those just happens to be […]

Building Brand Loyalty & Trust with Relationship Marketing

Building Brand Loyalty and Trust with Relationship Marketing  By: Michael Hackett  Posted: January 17, 2022   Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that cultivates deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers to ensure long-term satisfaction and brand loyalty. Relationship marketing is not focused on short-term wins or sales transactions. It’s focused on delighting customers for the […]

Marketing Automation is Like a Good Exercise Program.

Marketing Automation is Like a Good Exercise Program  By: Krystal Clark  Posted: October 8, 2021   Strategy. Consistency. Hard Work. Time. Marketing automation and exercise are two things that may not seem to line up next to each other… until you see they both require a strict routine for success. Lifting weights and running on […]

7 Easy Ways to Multiply Your Conversions

7 Easy Ways to Multiply Your Conversions  By: Michael Hackett  Posted: September 10, 2021   A Changing Digital Landscape Ask marketers what their goals are, and one of the first things they will say is “to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers.” This isn’t a goal aimed solely at increasing conversions; it’s also […]

Keep Your Teammates in the Loop.

Keep Your Teammates in the Loop  By: Michael Hackett  Posted: August 27, 2021   Unify Sales and Marketing Teams Imagine if you had the world’s top soccer stars at your fingertips, and you could select 11 of your favorites to play on your team. You’d be sure to win every single game, right? Not so […]

Scouting for Players in the Offseason

Scouting for Players in the Offseason  By: Michael Hackett  Posted: August 13, 2021   Prioritizing the Best Leads Achieving success – whether that means winning the Superbowl or driving your company’s revenue to record heights – is all about understanding your resources and how to leverage them. In football, this means hand-selecting the best players […]

New Marketing Automation Features that work while you sleep

New Marketing Automation Features that Work While You Sleep  By: Michael Hackett  Posted: July 30, 2021   Sleep Soundly while New Tools Work for You 24-7. Have you ever wished you could put your marketing campaign on autopilot and have it working while you were sleeping? With Brandit’s automated Bit-MAP platform you can do just […]

Strategies to Score Big

Strategies to Score Big  By: Michael Hackett  Posted: July 16, 2021   Building Marketing Campaigns That Convert To score a winning goal, you need to take your shot at exactly the right time with precise aim. Scoring deals in the marketing game involves a similar focus on perfecting your aim – which means you need […]

AI… The Future of Digital Marketing

AI… The Future of Digital Marketing  By: Scott Chalifour  Posted: July 2, 2021   We are rapidly approaching a time where artificial intelligence will be the source of human knowledge pertaining to customers and their buying habits. The question is two-fold… Are you taking full advantage of these resources and if so, how are you […]