MEC Technologies



MEC has built a reputation for providing the experience, quality, dedication and professionalism you need to get the job done. And, as a result, MEC has become the leader in providing electrical and telecommunication services under one roof to Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


MEC’s objective was to create a visual brand experience as you walk throughout their building showcasing the POWER of their PEOPLE. The moment you enter the doors you see and feel the pride they have in their employees and how they help their customers.


Brandit created an environment that uniquely defined MEC’s space enabling them to tell a story that resonates with customers while making their employees feel like part of the solution. Brandit used an industrial look and feel specific to their industry while illustrating a compelling story of finished projects MEC’s team created. From the ACM metallic standoff panels to the dimensional acrylic circles, we found a way utilizing different substrates to create a highlight all of their products and services.

Recent Projects