Chapter 1 – Email Marketing Automation

By: Krystal Clark | Posted: February 15, 2022

The complexities of Marketing Automation CAN be simple with the right platform.

Have you ever wondered about the process that takes place after visiting TJMaxx, Target, Bath and Body Works, or any of your favorite stores (those just happens to be mine), when you sign up for their email coupons? How do you think it works that with ONE sign up you instantly start receiving not just a welcome email… but you are now entered into a world of receiving ALL OF THE COUPONS AND SALES you love?!

Maybe it’s a store employee who creates the emails individually and manually sends them every other day before the big sale? Or perhaps the marketing agency that works for the company sits at their desk sending emails ALL DAY LONG because that’s their full-time job? Either of these options could be true because creating and sending effective email campaigns is a very busy and time-consuming task and SOMEONE has to do it… OR maybe there is another way the magic of instant and continuous email marketing services happens… With just ONE click of a button…

Whether you are a consumer or customer who wants to know about the sale prices FIRST, or you work for the company who needs to send the reminders and information to the right people… Wouldn’t it be cool to hear that emails can be AUTOMATED?? That no team member has to be sitting behind a desk typing email content all day just for YOU to get your 25% off Kohl’s Coupons… or that you could BE that email content writer employee who could now sit back and relax, knowing that your customers and followers will never skip a beat on your sales or promotions because the work is done FOR YOU! NOW do I have you wondering?

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I’d like to serve you with just a tiny slice of the Marketing Automation pie!

We understand that sending emails doesn’t only need to mean “You’ve Got Mail” with long lines of text and a signature at the bottom. What if we told you we can seamlessly tie ALL of your marketing solutions into your E-Blast for the best results… and that we can share ALL of those results with you?! We believe CONNECTING with your fanbase is extremely important to your reputation, which is why including your social media marketing, as it is MASSIVE with the evolution of our generations and technologies, is helpful to include in your emails. Adding your video clips and pointing to your video advertising platforms will allow for a HUGE bump in points because people LOVE the time they save by watching your videos rather than reading articles… Especially if the videos are sent RIGHT TO THEM! Linking to your Blog articles and sending a “simple” message can become that much more effective just by making it LOOK pretty with graphics and animated elements in the body of the emails… the list goes on and on!

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Email Marketing on Automation

We believe email marketing is one of the BEST ways to reach your audience because it is sent DIRECTLY to the people you want to reach, no middle man. To make it that much better… It can all be done FOR you… Would you like to send only one email a month? Were you thinking you want emails in your customer’s inbox RIGHT when they VISIT your Promotions page on your website? What if you want to send a SERIES of emails RIGHT AFTER THEY CLICK that “Learn More” button? Yup. We can do all of that AND we can SHOW YOU all of your email click through results and marketing automation analytics. WHO clicked that button? HOW many times? Wait… Did they click ALL OF THE BUTTONS IN MY EMAIL? The possibilities on your new marketing automation software take the guessing out of ALL of that.

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In a world where the internet controls all of our devices, reaching a wide array of customers simultaneously is not only important to a company… but pretty easy if you are willing to strategize a thorough, full circle marketing campaign with a professional who has all of the secrets! From million-dollar corporations with a national following, all the way down to small local businesses that NEED to get in front of their customers and fans with intimate and local information, implementing email marketing services with marketing automation is one of the BEST opportunities companies can take to put themselves out there for THEIR world to see… And we want YOU to utilize and benefit from the secret behind the magic. To be a top dog with your marketing strategy, this may be the perfect service to put you AHEAD of the pack…

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