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Customer experience is a multidimensional interactive process between a brand and a person. It is developed through the points of contact that link them together. It includes all the stages that occur from the recognition of the brand to its recommendation, through its purchase and use. Brandit Marketing Solutions is one of the top branding & advertising agency in NH & Boston, where we consider that the objective of designing experiences should go beyond mere customer satisfaction. It should contribute to the construction of a base of unconditional and active promoters of the brand.

Environmental branding starts with a vision for the brand experience you want to extend to everyone who walks through your doors. That includes employees, clients/customers, investors and even your vendors. What are the personality traits, values and messages you want your visitors to notice about your brand when they walk into your space?

Environmental Branding - an Important Part of the Marketing Mix

Every detail in the space has the opportunity to communicate your brand, and effective environmental branding takes advantage of all these opportunities. This creates a connection with an individual through what’s around them, so they can experience your brand with all their senses. Some pieces they will feel directly, and some will be indirect influences that they don’t even realize are affecting them. In turn, this creates a deeper connection from the customer to the brand.

The customer experience is a critical strategic process that should not be reduced to tactical actions such as events, street marketing, ambient marketing, or merchandising; These activities contribute to generating notoriety and engagement of the brand.

Thus a coherent and consistent strategy is prepared to combine all the points of contact with the corporate, marketing, and branding objectives of your organization.

Sustainable customer experience must be based on three key pillars:

Design a unique experience for the targeted customers.
The generation of added value is differentiated by the type of customer at each point of contact.
Efficiency: development of the organizational capabilities necessary to continually exceed customer expectations

At Brandit Marketing Solutions, we help you identify and select the key interactions between your different customer segments and your brand. We design, develop, integrate, and implement a strategic customer experience plan. An operational deployment, adjusting each of the phases to the level maturity is developed. The plan considers all the requirements of your organization and the expectations of your customers.

The Importance of an Environmental Branding Advertising Campaign

If you are in Boston and looking for a professional agency to launch your new campaign, our agency provides the best services to build your brand. This is how we can build a solid network of clients in Boston and other areas around.

Define the Objective of the Campaign -When it comes to achieving the goals, we focus on the basic advertising elements with a result-driven approach. The common elements include acquiring new customers, promoting current products or services, and launching new products or services. We also assist you to discover your goals that will boost your brand.

Determine Your Target - To meet competitive challenges, it is vital to set the goals and recognize the target market/audience. Through our market analysis and research, we help you achieve this tough target so bring tangible changes in your sales.

Segment the Audience - A website contains several services and products that are liked by different segments. While you are planning a sales strategy, we help our clients to divide their audience into segments so that the sales pitch can be increased.

Define the Means of Environmental Branding & Advertising

Create Ads on Traditional Media - Traditional media offer the possibility of creating direct interaction with people in real-time. Radio allows you to reach your potential customers in their daily lives by targeting with precision. Television is a rather expensive medium but impacting and targeting a large audience. Poster campaigns are visual and get to the point. Commercials for cinemas are very impactful and allow the audience to memorize easily. And finally, the written press makes it possible to circulate an ephemeral but effective message to a particular target. Our company is well versed in all these techniques and we provide full - service solutions.

Create Social Media Ads - The creation of advertising on social networks allows you to find a target audience; it means opening a line of communication that makes it easy to reach an audience. The different formats and platforms available offer custom design strategies that yield a high success rate. Our dedicated team works on custom solutions after analyzing the specific needs of the clients.

Create Ads on the Google Network - Google Ads allows you to precisely target and define a relevant delivery type (campaigns on the Google search engine, campaigns on Display, Shopping campaigns on the Google shopping tab, video campaigns on Youtube, and campaigns for applications from Google Play. We have an experienced marketing team and Google marketing experts that can create effective campaigns.

Take Care of Communication - The message conveyed by an advertising campaign is also a fundamental question. Even though every business and every strategy is different, the text should always sound natural, well organized, clear, concise, fluid, and coherent. Our development and marketing team understands the sensitivity and transparency of the brands. Thus, we create realistic content and provide actual product images and descriptions.

Create a Design - Every website looks for an aesthetic, impactful, and effective design. We promise to create UI/UX friendly designs that help to create customer-friendly websites. Our websites are mobile-friendly and responsive.

Environmental Marketing & Branding Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

In the world of advertising, data measurement is crucial. If we don't measure, we won't know what is going well or what we could improve. Therefore, in an advertising campaign, metrics should be an integral part of the process; it is only with the data we acquire that we can know everything and act accordingly.

What Makes Branditms an Effective Environmental Branding Agency?

  • We understand our clients' goals, problems, and strategies.
  • We offer our clients creative options, not just strategic options.
  • We strive to do quality advertising campaigns that strengthen their brand.
  • We have expertise in multiple traditional and digital communication channels.
  • We are also very proficient in customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.
  • We understand that the ultimate goal of any initiative is to drive business growth, user engagement, and revenue.
  • We know that a well-thought-out quality visual will increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Our teams are passionate, enthusiastic, and creative who truly love marketing and aren't afraid to take risks. We launch bold campaigns to get the biggest impact possible. At Brandit Marketing Solutions we take care of your branding. Branding is not just about creating a logo or slogan, but about the actions that you will put in place so that people identify your brand and have a reason to choose your products over other competitors.

A well-constructed branding leads to strong brand equity, which is to say to the added value brought to the products or services Our company allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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We support you throughout your project - As an advertising and communication agency, we take things to heart so that each project is of quality, innovation, and creativeness. This comprehensive service includes strategic thinking, adding graphics, managing relationships and so on..

The experience of our agency in the field of advertising will allow you to carry out your project with the best possible outcomes. Our innovative solutions will allow you to stand out from the competition and achieve your goals.

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