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Retargeting is a great marketing avenue for spreading brand awareness in the digital marketplace, keeping your company at the forefront of consumer’s’ minds. Retargeting facilitates you to remind your customers of your products and services after they leave your site. Since we are serious marketers here at Brandit, we will use retargeting as a vital tool to connect with your customers and increase your sales. Retargeting allows you to show your website visitors relevant ads when they visit other sites, and that is part of how you stay on the forefront of the consumer’s mind.

When retargeting you can choose different ways to segment people based on their traits and behaviors and target them appropriately. This allows you to then create a relevant advertising experience that optimistically brings more purchases. The best part is, no matter what segment you choose, you know you are already targeting a group of people who have previously let you know they are interested in your brand.

Yes, retargeting does work by utilizing one’s cookies. And that is probably the biggest difference between retargeting and remarketing. These terms can be interchangeable, but we know the difference and we know how both can help your business.

To sum up what we can do…

  • Brandit can focus your advertising on clientele that you know already have interest in your business.
  • Brandit can help convert your previous website visitors into paying customers!

Did you know that a high percentage of your new website visitors will leave and never return? This can result in wasted ad spend and many lost opportunities.

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Luckily, with our Retargeting Solutions, we can show your ads repeatedly to your past website visitors while they browse from over 2 1/2 million websites for months into the future. Retargeting can dramatically increase the probability of converting your website visitors into buyers.

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