How to Go Viral on Linkedin

How to Go Viral on LinkedIn Pulse: A Data-Driven 2024 Approach

By: Michael Hackett | Posted: December 27, 2023
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In the dynamic digital landscape, standing out on professional platforms like LinkedIn requires not only a strong presence but also a strategic approach to content creation and distribution. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the nuances of leveraging LinkedIn, specifically focusing on LinkedIn Pulse, to amplify your brand’s visibility, authority, and engagement.

LinkedIn Pulse is a powerful tool for professional development, networking, and personal branding, especially for those looking to establish themselves as knowledgeable and influential in their field. LinkedIn Pulse offers several benefits, particularly for professionals looking to enhance their online presence and networking capabilities.

The Power of LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse stands as a robust feature of LinkedIn, offering a platform for professionals to share insights, stories, and expertise. Its benefits include:

1. Professional Branding and Visibility: It’s a stage to showcase your expertise and thought leadership, enhancing your professional image. Publishing articles on LinkedIn Pulse helps in building your professional brand. Your content can showcase your expertise and insights in your field, increasing your visibility among peers and potential employers or clients.

2. Networking Opportunities: Sharing content can spark conversations, leading to valuable professional connections. Sharing content on LinkedIn Pulse can lead to increased engagement with your network. Comments and shares expand your reach, connecting you with other professionals who may provide new opportunities or collaborations.

3. Thought Leadership: Regularly publishing insightful content can establish you as a thought leader in your industry. This can lead to invitations to speak at events, contribute to professional publications, or collaborate on projects.

4. Staying Informed: By following & engaging with other thought leaders and influencers on Pulse, you can stay updated on trends and news in your industry. This helps in staying informed and may provide inspiration for your own content.

5. SEO Benefits: Articles published on LinkedIn Pulse are indexed by search engines. This means your content can appear in search results, improving your online presence and possibly leading to new professional opportunities.

6. Targeted Audience Reach: LinkedIn’s professional context means your content is more likely to reach an audience interested in your industry or expertise, leading to more meaningful interactions and feedback.

7. Feedback and Improvement: Comments and interactions on your articles provide direct feedback from your professional community. This can be valuable for improving your content and understanding the needs and interests of your audience.

8. Feedback and Analytics: Interaction and analytics provide insights for content refinement. LinkedIn provides analytics for Pulse articles, allowing you to see how many people are reading, liking, and sharing your content. This data is useful for understanding the impact of your writing and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Strategies for Content Creation on LinkedIn Pulse

Creating engaging content on LinkedIn Pulse involves a combination of good writing practices, understanding your audience, and leveraging the platform’s features. Here are some tips to help you create content that resonates with your LinkedIn audience:

1. Know Your Audience: Understand the needs, interests, and challenges of your LinkedIn network. Tailor your content to address these aspects, providing value to your readers.

2. Choose Relevant Topics: Focus on topics that are current and relevant to your industry. Trends, innovations, case studies, and personal experiences that offer unique insights are often well-received.

3. Create Compelling Titles: Your title is the first thing people see. Make it catchy, clear, and reflective of the content’s value to encourage clicks.

4. Use an Engaging Format: Break your content into digestible sections with subheadings. Use bullet points, numbered lists, and short paragraphs to make the article easy to read.

5. Incorporate Visuals: Use relevant images, infographics, or videos to make your content more engaging and to break up text.

6. Tell a Story: People love brand stories, Share personal anecdotes or case studies that make your content relatable and memorable.

7. Provide Practical Insights: Offer actionable advice, tips, or solutions. Readers appreciate content that they can apply in their professional lives.

8. Invite Interaction: Encourage readers to comment, share, or express their views. Ask questions or seek opinions to foster engagement.

9. Share Regularly: Consistency is key. Regularly sharing content keeps you visible and relevant in your network.

10. Leverage Analytics: Use LinkedIn’s analytics tools to understand what content resonates with your audience. Adapt your strategy based on this feedback.

11. Promote Your Content: Share your Pulse articles on other social media platforms and in relevant LinkedIn groups to reach a wider audience.

12. Stay Authentic: Authenticity builds trust. Share genuine experiences and opinions to establish a sincere connection with your audience.

13. Follow Up on Comments: Engage with people who comment on your posts. This not only builds relationships but also encourages others to engage.

14. Use SEO Techniques: Include relevant keywords in your content to improve its visibility on search engines.

15. Keep Learning: Stay updated on content creation trends and best practices, and continually refine your approach based on what you learn.

Measuring Success on LinkedIn Pulse

Measuring the success of your LinkedIn Pulse articles involves evaluating various metrics and understanding how they align with your goals. Here are key ways to assess the effectiveness of your content on LinkedIn Pulse:

1. Views: The number of views is a basic metric indicating how many people have seen your article. High views can suggest good reach, but it’s important to consider this metric in conjunction with others for a fuller picture.

2. Engagement: Look at the number of likes, comments, and shares your article receives. Engagement is a strong indicator of how resonant and valuable your content is to your audience. More interaction often means your content is provoking thought or conversation.

3. Follower Growth: If you notice an increase in your LinkedIn connections or followers after publishing on Pulse, it could indicate that your content is attracting a broader audience.

4. Quality of Comments: Beyond the number of comments, assess their quality. Are readers asking questions, giving feedback, or sharing experiences? High-quality, thoughtful comments suggest that your content is engaging and thought-provoking.

5. Lead Generation: If your goal is lead generation, track how many inquiries, direct messages, or connection requests you receive after publishing your articles.

6. Traffic to Website or Blog: If you include links to your website or blog, use analytics tools to track how much traffic comes from your LinkedIn articles. This can indicate how effective your content is at driving action.

7. Content Sharing: Notice if your content is being shared outside of LinkedIn, such as on other social media platforms or in online publications. This can be a sign of wider appeal and impact.

8. Influence on Personal Brand: Assess how your articles are affecting your reputation in your industry. This can be more qualitative, such as receiving mentions in other industry publications or invitations to speak at events.

9. Reader Retention: LinkedIn provides data on how much of your article was read. High retention rates suggest that your content is compelling enough for readers to stick with it until the end.

10. SEO Performance: If your articles rank well in search engine results for relevant keywords, it’s a good sign that they are well-optimized and valuable to a wider audience.

11. Feedback and Networking Opportunities: Pay attention to any direct feedback you receive or new networking opportunities that arise as a result of your articles.

Brandit’s Role in Your LinkedIn Success

Remember, success on LinkedIn Pulse is not just about numbers. It’s also about the quality of connections you make, the professional relationships you build, and how you are perceived in your industry. Align your measurement strategies with your personal or business goals for the most meaningful assessment of success.

At Brandit – Branding & Advertising Agency in NH & Boston, we recognize the immense potential LinkedIn holds for professionals and businesses alike. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to maximize your LinkedIn presence, ensuring that your content not only reaches but also resonates with your target audience. Here’s how Brandit plays a pivotal role in your LinkedIn success:

1. Optimized Profile Creation and Management: The foundation of a strong LinkedIn presence starts with an optimized profile. We focus on creating professional, engaging profiles for your brand and key team members. This includes professional headshots, compelling summaries, and detailed experiences that highlight your brand’s expertise and achievements.

2. Strategic Content Planning: We develop a content calendar that aligns with your brand’s objectives, industry events, and trends. This planning ensures a steady stream of relevant and engaging content, keeping your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

3. Data-Driven SEO Optimization: Utilizing the latest SEO practices, we ensure your content is discoverable not just on LinkedIn, but also on search engines. This involves keyword research, SEO-friendly headlines, and descriptions that increase your content’s reach and visibility.

4. Effective Use of LinkedIn Features: We leverage LinkedIn’s unique features, such as LinkedIn Pulse, Groups, and LinkedIn Live, to enhance engagement and reach. These features allow us to position your brand as a thought leader and actively engage with your community.

5. Employee Advocacy Programs: We encourage and facilitate employee engagement on LinkedIn. By training your team to share and engage with brand content, we amplify your brand’s reach and lend authenticity to your messaging.

In conclusion, Brandit’s expertise extends beyond LinkedIn, encompassing a comprehensive range of social media marketing services. Our approach integrates the unique strengths of each platform, ensuring that your brand’s digital presence is not only prominent but also resonates with your target audience across all social channels. By choosing Brandit, you gain a partner adept in crafting a multifaceted digital marketing strategy that drives engagement, builds relationships, and accelerates your brand’s growth in the digital realm. Let us guide you in harnessing the full potential of social media marketing to create a lasting and impactful presence for your brand.


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