Make Video Your Super Power

By: Scott Chalifour | Posted: June 1, 2021

Harness the Power of Video Production

You probably know by now that video is NOT up for debate as a marketing strategy (It’s not just a fun add-on anymore…). The video climate has changed so drastically in recent years. It’s no longer just for creating commercials. If you’re going to keep up with today’s vehicle for engaging with customers and reach specific business goals, you must be doing video.


“In today’s fast-paced world, video marketing is one of the few types of online material that provides the value, relevance, and flexibility consumers need. All while catering to the on-the-go lifestyle they want.” (Forbes).


Whether you work for a massive corporation, a small family-owned business, or are a one-man show from your home office, there are countless ways to use video to your advantage and in this generation, you need it to stay relevant. The harsh reality is that your competitors are probably already using this strategy, so if you’re not already, it’s time you get in the game. There are countless ways to showcase your video content and Brandit Marketing Solutions can help you figure out the best way that makes sense for you. Video needs to be in your marketing arsenal. The internet’s ability to drive consumer engagement at the touch of a button is growing every day, and consumers are demanding video content. They don’t want to read novels of text, be spammed with irrelevant emails, or have to pay an arm and a leg for information they can find on the next page. They want video in emails, on their social media account feeds, and on the websites, they are directed to for information.

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There are several forms of video that can be effective for your business.
• Corporate videos
• Testimonial Videos
• Explainer Videos
• Social Media Videos
• How-To Videos
• Product Demos
• Webinars
• Vlogs

It is true that there is something unique that makes a face-to-face conversation the most effective way to communicate. Web-based communication tools such as point-to-point are great solutions to bringing back the effectiveness of face-to-face conversations without being in the same room. Teachers, lawyers, and social workers to name a few have now discovered what a minority of business professionals have known for years. And that is… How to utilize inexpensive web-based communication resources that perform the important task of communicating to small groups. Like many of us have learned from our online chat room experiences like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype, the technology gets unwieldy when there are too many participants, with too many voices, and too many unmuted microphones.


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Webcasting, Live Streaming, and Virtual Events are Easy with Brandit (Click here to watch video)


As many have witnessed firsthand, it is very important to manage how participants present themselves in a video conference, it is simply easier to follow a presentation if you are not distracted by inconsistent audio from a presenter, or if they have chosen to put themselves in a place with too many distractions. It seems that no matter how many times we instruct meeting participants to mute their microphones, and how to select a suitable background for their web cameras, we often must sit through presentations being distracted. We realize the effectiveness of web presentation software and it often plays a part in our productions. Along with our business and producer partners, we have successfully integrated these technologies into our webcasts for years. We have found them to be an inexpensive and stable tool to successfully connect remote locations, and we consider them to be part of our tool kit rather than a total meeting solution. Point-to-point web software solutions have been a part of our toolkit for a long time, but like you and many of the first-time users new to the software, we have all seen the limitations. While we understand that for some there may be a rush to make this your total companywide solution, our experience suggests that integrating these solutions into a more traditional webcast event, has proven to be the more effective use of this technology rather than a standalone solution.

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We have always advised our clients that presentations matter. Putting your best foot forward when planning your presentations and corporate communications strategy is extremely important. Presenting a consistent professional image leads to greater audience acceptance, retention of your messages, and an overall chance to make a favorable impression on your audience. Hiring a professional like Brandit Marketing Solutions to manage your corporate communications, seems to be even more important in this current era. We are all re-inventing how to reach our now remote workforce. Finding a company with experience in the integration of these and other software solutions would be advised. With the range of presentation technologies currently available, this is the perfect time to integrate some new elements into your communication strategy. If you are open to hearing more about this, want to hire a multimedia consultant, or are ready for more than a standalone solution, Contact Brandit!


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