MEC Technologies



MEC Technologies and MEC Electrical has a reputation for providing the experience, quality, dedication, and professionalism you need to get the job done. Over the last 20 years, they have become the leader in providing electrical, structural cabling and audio-visual services under one roof to Massachusetts and New Hampshire customers.


The management team at MEC was searching for a company they could lean on and trust to grow their business. An experienced company with the tools necessary to lead their image and marketing initiatives. Brandit is now the valuable and willing partner they were looking for to achieve their business goals. Today we are fully intertwined in the MEC business and understand the value of our relationship with this loyal and respected client of ours.


Over the years, the Brandit team has had the pleasure of providing numerous solutions to MEC through the various services we offer. Solutions that have resulted in MEC's continued growth.

  • Environmental branding of MEC's new home offices that provided a uniquely defined space specific to MEC's business. Our designs delivered a visual where MEC could tell their story. One that would resonate with their customers and make the employees feel as though they were and are part of the solution. For this project, Brandit used an industrial look and feel specific to MEC's industry while illustrating a compelling story of their finished projects. For this fun and exciting project, various substrates and materials were used to create a highlight for all their work.
  • A new company website with a fresh look and effective results was built. One that speaks to who they are, their work, and what MEC stands for.
  • The building and management of a new MEC Facebook page
  • Photography services and project updates on MEC's website
  • Digital marketing services and monthly analytic reporting
  • Uniform needs for staff with a retail flair
  • Creation of MEC's 20th anniversary logo
  • Video production and drone services
  • Copywriting

Recent Projects