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Does your company have a phone number? If so, this marketing avenue is good for you! Pay Per Call performance marketing is extremely effective to drive business. Brandit Marketing Solutions knows how to set up a call-only campaign to encourage customers to call you by clicking or tapping your ad. With call-only campaigns, we will drive calls to your business instead of clicks on your website.

You might as well consider the phone a cash register, cha-ching! If you have a strong customer service or sales team in place pay per call marketing can ramp up your sales very quickly. Customers who call tend to demonstrate more interest therefore, it will be easier for your sales team to close the deal. For that same reason, pay per call conversion rates tend to be higher than pay per click strategies.

Just make sure your train the people answering your phone properly! You want them to be up to speed with your marketing strategies as they develop. Brandit can set up your Mobile Device Ads on Google so that you only pay for phone calls to your business. Making sure you target the right audience for your campaign is just as important as the team you trained to answer the phones in pay per call marketing.

You must know your target audience for any marketing campaign, if you are unsure of who you want to target that is ok, we can help you with our Pay Per Call Services . We can also help you analyze and track the metrics closely to make sure that you are getting calls from the right audience. Finding the right affiliate publishing your ads will need to match your target audience. And lucky you, the team at Brandit Marketing Solutions knows all the right affiliates. We know the goal is not to reach just anyone, it is to reach the right people!

Another advantage to pay per call campaigns is that it is relatively easy to determine the lead generating source. Call tracking is essential when running performance-based pay per call campaigns. It is honestly one of the most significant advantages in your toolkit. Do not be fooled, pay per call extends beyond online advertising being your only source. You can use print ads, tv ads (TV Commercials), radio ads, even outside advertising as your lead generating source.

In today’s market, it is exceedingly rare for a business not to have a website. However, if you are a business without a website, Brandit can most definitely create an amazing pay per call campaign for you! We can also create a website for you too, you can check out our Website Development & Hosting Services. With our Pay-Per-Call campaigns people will see your ads when they search for your products or services. You will only pay when people click to call you, which can dramatically increase your Return-On-Investment!


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