Program Solutions

New Hire Kits

It’s never too early to make employees feel welcome and part of your community. A successful program that targets new employees can have a huge impact on turnover without being complicated or expensive. Brandit Marketing Solutions can open your eyes to endless possibilities that will not overextend your budget.


Professionalism within the business integrates customer fulfillment with employee dedication. Appropriate employee performance establishes a positive, uplifting experience which empowers the employee to succeed. Well-thought-out and well-maintained uniform programs provide the tools necessary for the employee to present themselves and reach your customers positively. Uniform programs provide a professional reflection which connects employee and positive business image to your customer’s complete satisfaction. Let Brandit Marketing Solutions outline how we can save your company money without having to deal with the traditional laundering programs.

Name Badges

Most Executives and Human Resource Professionals want to implement some sort of name badge program but it can be a challenge to implement the right one. First you have to dream up a program that suits your corporate culture and makes your employees feel special. You also have to minimize the time, money and management commitments. As a result of these obstacles, many companies are unable to get the program to run and operate the way they want. At Brandit Marketing Solutions we have exactly the programs you’re looking for.


At Brandit Marketing Solutions, we help organizations find the wellness programs that will best fit the needs of their particular population. Unlike most wellness consultants and wellness companies we are not married to any single solution. Instead we work with our clients to find the best wellness programs and thus give them the best return-on-investment.


Our team understands that construction companies, manufacturing companies and other companies in similar industries have a high safety risk factor and need a strong safety awareness campaign to inform their employees of their safety rules and policies. Making sure that your employees are safe and free of danger or hazard in the work environment is crucial. Brandit Marketing Solutions can help you achieve your safety goals in the workplace thus strengthening your company’s bottom line.

Trade Shows

Let Brandit Marketing Solutions show you how imagination and creativity can permeate from every pore of your exhibit marketing program. Our team can help your organization cast prizewinning spells to enhance your exhibiting program before, during and even after the event.


Regardless of your company’s charitable cause, we can help! The versatility, creativity and energy of the awareness and information component make it one of the most widely used approaches. The creative approaches demonstrate well-designed methods for communicating accurate information to a variety of target populations. Studies have shown that those submitting these initiatives reveal that it is important to be creative, both in the message and in the design and location of advertising materials. Brandit Marketing Solutions can show you that even with limited resources the value of having fun and being daring in these information campaigns can prove that a lot can be done.

Tenure & Recognition

Everything about employment is tough these days. Understanding the unpredictability of economic and competitive conditions, along with how they might prompt reductions in staff over time, is key to choosing the right person. Holding on to really productive employees who, frankly, are just as employable elsewhere is more real than we know. The term human resources has never been more profound than it is today and many organizations greatly underestimate the costs and ramifications of employee turnover. Brandit Marketing Solutions can guide you to better understanding ways to keep your employees happy.

Sales Incentive

When you’re building an incentive program for your sales team, it’s important to be able to do more than just choose one winner and give out an award. Brandit Marketing Solutions can assist your company in building a custom well-rounded, multi-tiered incentive program to include multiple levels and stages. We bring the campaign, tracking, product development and redemption all together in one program.

Golf Events

In today’s fast paced world of business, building stronger relationships and acquiring a new customer is instrumental to the success of any company. Given golf’s continued growth and popularity, golf events and related activities have become an effective way to gain market share by bringing their sales teams, customer’s prospects and partners closer together in a different and more relaxed setting.

Holiday Giving

Great News! Brandit Marketing Solutions can solve your holiday gift dilemma! Ask us about our customized and even personalized holiday gift ideas. We can show you the perfect way to thank your employees and customers for their efforts and contributions throughout the year. Let us show you how our team’s creativity and imagination can help promote your message and brand.

Company Outings

A sweet way to thank your employees for a job well done is of course a company outing. Brandit Marketing Solutions can help you find the perfect team building item that will show your staff that you appreciate them. Building morale can and will prove to be well worth it in the long run.

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