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Catholic Medical Center (CMC), is a member of GraniteOne Health, and a nonprofit acute-care hospital and regional health system based in Manchester, New Hampshire, with a commitment to delivering the highest quality and most advanced healthcare to patients across the state, CMC is one of New Hampshire’s largest health systems, licensed for 330-beds, with an affiliated medical staff of over 400 providers and more than 3,000 employees.


To Develop an online store platform to enable Catholic Medical Center (CMC) employees to purchase and proudly wear branded items in order to foster a sense of belonging, unity, and pride within the organization. The objective of this initiative was to strengthen the bond between CMC and its employees by providing them with an avenue to express pride in their workplace through branded items. By wearing these items, staff members have become walking ambassadors of the hospital, creating a positive impression among patients, visitors, and the local community.


The implementation of the online store for Catholic Medical Center employees has yielded positive outcomes, resulting in:

• Empowered employees who proudly wear a diverse range of CMC branded apparel items.
• Enhanced sense of unity and camaraderie among staff, fostering a positive work environment.
• Increased visibility of the CMC brand both within and outside the hospital, contributing to the institution’s reputation.

The collaboration between Catholic Medical Center and Brandit’s development team resulted in the successful creation of an online store catering specifically to CMC employees. This platform offers a wide selection of high-quality branded apparel items, such as scrubs, shirts, jackets, hats, and accessories, allowing employees to proudly showcase their affiliation with the hospital.

The online store’s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless shopping experience for employees, with easy navigation and secure payment options. The range of available products reflects the diversity of staff preferences, accommodating various sizes, styles, and colors. The site offers branding by department as well as individual personalization. Additionally, the store regularly introduces new designs and seasonal collections, ensuring a fresh and exciting selection for employees to choose from.

Since the launch of the CMC online store remarkable results have been generated. CMC employees have embraced the opportunity to showcase their pride and loyalty to the hospital through their attire. From vibrant t-shirts worn on casual Fridays to professional embroidered polos for formal events, the branded apparel has become a symbol of unity and belonging.

Beyond the benefits of employee morale and camaraderie, the online store has proven instrumental in expanding the reach of the CMC brand. As employees wear the branded items both within and outside the hospital, the visibility of the CMC logo and name has significantly increased. This increased exposure has contributed to the hospital’s reputation, reinforcing its status as a trusted and respected healthcare institution.

We are happy to know that our services have fulfilled Catholic Medical Center’s objective of instilling pride and unity within the workforce and the community. With employees proudly wearing a variety of branded apparel items, the hospital has achieved a positive and cohesive image among staff, patients, and the local community. This initiative stands as a testament to CMC’s commitment to its employees and its dedication to fostering a supportive work environment.

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