Scouting for Players in the Offseason

By: Michael Hackett | Posted: August 13, 2021

Prioritizing the Best Leads

Achieving success – whether that means winning the Superbowl or driving your company’s revenue to record heights – is all about understanding your resources and how to leverage them. In football, this means hand-selecting the best players and building a dream team. Similarly, evaluating your leads is a key element to marketing success. Marketing automation platforms like Brandits’ allow you to “scout out” and find the hottest leads, so you can efficiently move them down the pipeline.

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How? Just like how Amazon suggests complementary products based on what you’ve bought before, marketing automation lets you target your leads with highly personalized communications based on their age, gender, interests, past purchases or any other specific details that are relevant. With this type of targeted marketing, you can focus on who’s ready to convert while also sending more customized messaging to nurture those who aren’t ready to buy yet – ultimately giving your salespeople those “dream team” qualified leads they’re hoping for.

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