The Mechanics of Programmatic Display Behavioral and Content Targeting: What is Your Target Audience Up To?

The Mechanics of Programmatic Display Behavioral and Content Targeting: What is Your Target Audience Up To?

By: Braelin Ash | Posted: September 5, 2023


What a person does online says a lot about them and what they are looking for. Analyzing the online activity of individuals to deliver advertisements that will pique their interest and engage them with a specific brand is precisely the objective of behavioral and content targeting, two methods of targeting that fall beneath the umbrella of programmatic display.

Behavioral and content targeting are both targeting options that involve analyzing the online activity of potential consumers. However, there is a difference between the two. Using these methods may be a sensible choice for propelling your business forward with programmatic display.

Learning Their Interests

Behavioral targeting is all about what individuals are interested in – according to their online activity. Based on their behavior and tracked interest, it can be determined whether they are a good fit for your company. This method of targeting helps a business decide which potential consumers are right for their brand.

As Eli from Eli’s Electric Solutions, there are certain online behaviors that would have you interested in pursuing specific types of customers. For instance, someone that has recently been watching videos on how to install certain types of lighting in their home would more than likely be a great fit for your brand. An individual that has been searching for tactics on living completely apart from society and technology would not be as good a match.

Catch Them at the Right Place

The method behind content targeting is placing your advertisements in places where your target audience is likely to visit. Rather than tracking the online behaviors of your potential consumers and providing advertisements to those who may be a good fit for your business, content targeting is placing an advertisement in a spot online where your target consumers will most likely see it. It is more about consumers choosing you than you choosing consumers.

A logical place to post an advertisement for Eli’s Electric Solutions could be on a website about technology and electronics. An individual that is interested in appliances will probably also look for a company to install them, making a technology website a good choice for your advertisement. An illogical place for your advertisement may be a website about the appreciation of nature and planet Earth.

It’s All About Strategy

Behavioral and content targeting share a key trait. Both require a strategic approach in order to successfully pursue your target audience. A consumer’s online presence can be very telling, and their online activity can be easily used to your advantage. The most crucial part of behavioral and content targeting is finding out who to catch and where to catch them.

It is important to be creative and think outside the box. Who could benefit the most from your goods and services? How do they spend their time online? Where would they most likely see your ad and feel inclined to explore your brand?

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ but there are certainly ways to maximize consumer engagement. Considering what your target audience does online and what areas of the internet they are likely to visit are a couple of important methods regarding programmatic display and how you can use it to your advantage.

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