The Mechanics of Programmatic Display Demographic and Geographic Targeting: A Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

The Mechanics of Programmatic Display Demographic and Geographic Targeting: A Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

By: Braelin Ash | Posted: September 19, 2023


Understanding who and where your target audience is on a different level than their online activity is precisely the goal of demographic and geographic targeting. As the owner of Eli’s Electric Solutions, you are likely seeking to reach homeowners of a stable income. Additionally, you will probably only pursue consumers that are a reasonable distance from your company’s headquarters.

Demographic and geographic targeting aid in recognizing the traits that make certain individuals ideal consumers for your business. While demographic targeting focuses on several qualities of potential consumers, geographic targeting is concerned with the area in which potential consumers are located. Targeting specific demographics and geographical locations is vital for narrowing the pool of individuals to which you want to sell. It is another important step towards pursuing only your target audience with your advertisements.

Finding All the Best Qualities

When looking at demographics, there are specific categories to look for depending on the type of business you are running. Common categories of demographics include household income, age, gender, ethnicity, employment, marital status, and education. However, some business owners may only be interested in some of these categories, or even other categories not mentioned, due to the nature of their company and what they are searching for in their target audience.

There are a few select categories to look at for Eli’s Electric Solutions. Individuals that own homes and have a stable income are typically consumers of appliances and electrical services. Age is not necessarily as important of a demographic, but homeowners in need of electrical services are usually between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-five. People that belong to these groups are potential consumers that should be part of your target audience as the owner of an electrical company.

The Place to Be

While demographic targeting hones in on certain traits to determine who falls into your target audience, geographic targeting focuses on their location. Depending on the needs of the brand, geographic targeting is available by zip code, city, state, county, and radius. Some brands are international and have locations in several areas, but others may be local and can only reach a certain radius extending from their headquarters.

Eli’s Electric Solutions is a company that has several locations but only in the New England area. Due to these circumstances, the brand has certain geographical needs. As the company’s owner, you are looking for potential consumers that are based in the states of New England. Thus, being located in New England is a trait of potential consumers in your target audience.

Your Needs are Important

As a business owner, it is inherently crucial to assess and meet the needs of your consumers. However, it is also very important to consider your needs as an operating business. Demographic and geographic targeting act as tools for evaluating what needs must be met for your company to be successful.

It is important to abstain from biting off more than you can chew. This is why assessing the traits of potential consumers to identify your target audience is essential for any business. It is important to know what areas and types of individuals you can reach with your goods and services.

Just as Eli’s Electrical Solutions has certain needs that must be met, so does every other business in order to be successful. Demographic and geographic targeting are two important components of programmatic display and how it can be utilized to help your business achieve more traffic and revenue.

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