The Mechanics of Programmatic Display-- Display Retargeting: Turning Views into Interest and Interest into Profit

The Mechanics of Programmatic Display– Display Retargeting: Turning Views into Interest and Interest into Profit

By: Braelin Ash | Posted: October 3, 2023


An online advertisement for Eli’s Electric Solutions is posted on a website that discusses technology and appliances. A user stumbles upon it. Eleanor, who has been looking to spruce up her home with new technology, is a perfect match for the company. She is a newly married thirty-year-old woman that has recently been searching for new lighting for her home online as well as other technology for home improvement. She and her husband have a stable household income and are located in southern New Hampshire. Upon viewing the advertisement, she thinks to herself, maybe I’ll check that out. I’ll keep it in mind.

This is where display retargeting plays a large role. Retargeting is additional targeting of a potential consumer that has already seen an advertisement for the business at least once before. It aids in keeping the potential consumer engaged with the company and aims to encourage them to become an active customer. When a potential consumer views a second advertisement for a business, it may give them more reasons to explore it further or even just serve as a gentle reminder to visit their website.

You Have What They’re Searching For

Search retargeting allows a brand to pursue potential consumers based on their previous keyword searches online. It has similarities to behavioral targeting, but what sets it apart is that search retargeting seeks individuals that have already seen an advertisement for the brand once before and their key word searches have remained consistent, indicating that they are still interested in what the company has to offer. Essentially, it aligns a company’s search engine marketing (SEM) with display advertising. Search retargeting is a double threat!

It has now been a few days since Eleanor viewed the advertisement for Eli’s Electric Solutions. In this time, she has continued looking for new technology to make her home more interesting and modernized. This has included searching for appliances, technology, and electrical devices online. A new advertisement for Eli’s Electric Solutions catches her attention and she lingers on it, reading into the brand a bit more.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

It is a frequent occurrence that potential consumers do not purchase a product the first time they visit a company’s website. This is especially true the more expensive the goods and services being offered by that company are. Site retargeting pursues individuals that have previously visited a company’s website. It is a strategy directed toward those who have already decided that they want to purchase the goods or services a brand offers but are deciding which company to buy from.

To utilize site retargeting, a pixel is included in the brand’s website which sets a cookie in the browser of whomever views it. Site retargeting takes place over four simple steps. First, the potential consumer views an advertisement for the business. Upon seeing the advertisement, they engage with the company’s website. They then view other websites related to the goods or services they are looking for and see a retargeted advertisement from the company. Finally, they select the advertisement and return to the website ready to make a purchase.

Eleanor explored Eli’s Electric Solutions’ website after seeing their second advertisement. She is interested and definitely wants to invest in electrical services to install the new appliances that she ordered. After leaving the website, she begins to look at other websites regarding electrical services when she sees another retargeted advertisement from Eli’s Electric Solutions. Eleanor selects the advertisement, ready to move to the next stage.

When the Magic Happens

The conversion stage is arguably the most exciting process of programmatic display. Conversions occur when a viewer of a company’s website meets a desired goal. A conversion means a positive change has occurred. Viewers of your website may convert to leads or even customers if they make a purchase.

A post click conversion occurs when a potential consumer selects an advertisement and then clicks on a link or fills out a form within it. A post impression conversion takes place when a potential consumer viewed an advertisement but did not click on any links or fill out any forms. They instead visited the website manually and selected a link or filled out a form. Conversions can be tracked through pixels embedded into the company’s website.

Ready to make a purchase, Eleanor returns to the Eli’s Electric Solutions website. She fills out a form on the site to receive a quote from the company, converting her from a potential consumer to a lead. This conversion is tracked through a pixel included in the website.

Organize. Strategize. Customize.

As a business owner, programmatic display is an important tool that you can utilize. However, it is also important to recognize that you have the freedom to use it however you see fit for your company. Frequency targeting and day parting are a couple of methods that allow for customization. Frequency targeting enables you to set limits on or increase the number of times an advertisement is viewed. Day parting gives you control over when individuals can see an advertisement. It could be set to specific days of the week or even certain times of the day.

Programmatic display is all about defining your target audience and attracting them to your brand. The techniques and strategies mentioned in this series will be hugely helpful in accomplishing this. Utilizing the processes of programmatic display will help you to find the right people and help the right people to find you.

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