The Impact of Video Testimonials

By: Krystal Clark | Posted: September 13, 2021

It’s All in the Psychology.

We all know the power video has on the human mind. For example, watching movies intrigues all sides of our emotions including adrenaline, sadness, and even happiness. Funny videos trigger excitement or relaxation and affect our moods. Watching a commercial or advertisement on a service or how something works peaks our interest because we can see it work. The visual stimulation and ease of watching videos help us feel connected to a message more so than just reading an article.


Psychology, in definition, is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions,
especially those affecting behavior in a given context.

In the business world, no matter the size of a company, understanding how to capture one’s attention and trigger behaviors can help to build trusting relationships with real people. Gaining a customer’s confidence is only the first step in the journey, with the end goal being to convert potential customers into paying ones. When you combine testimonials and videos together, you get an effective marketing strategy that will drive more traffic to your website, increase visibility on social media platforms, and convert shoppers to customers. A customer’s testimonial will deliver a more powerful and persuasive message than you because they’re candid endorsements from people who have first-hand experience of your products and services. The key is to get the right person who is well-spoken and sincere.


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The world is growing more digital every single day, and people are turning to video for answers. Finding reassurance for everyday decisions has become the norm. Now more than ever, Video Testimonials have the power to deliver a wide range of opportunities for businesses. They are by far the most effective marketing strategies out there.


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Just like looking for Google or Amazon Reviews before purchasing an item, video testimonials help potential customers sample real-life examples before diving into new business connections. Connecting with clients, customers, and consumers on a personal level only assists in building a partnership they won’t ever want to turn their back on because they can trust it. When we see a real person deliver a story of their experience, even if they are complete strangers, we tend to believe it more don’t we? Brandit can help you develop your videos in a way that your customers can and will relate to your brand.

For over a decade, Brandit, a top rated video marketing and advertising agency in Manchester, NH, has been creatively telling our clients stories and effectively communicating their messages through video testimonials. As we expand our experiences in this category of service, we continuing to implement new strategies and technologies. Let us take our knowledge and turn it into a powerful business strategy for you.


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