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Who does not love a great heart-string video? Video marketing in one of the best ways to increase your audience’s engagement. It is well documented that viewers engage more intensely with video than even the most well-written text. Brandit knows the content, distribution strategy and consumer self-expression tools combined in a video will allow a business to “add their voice” to any marketing campaign.

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The Brandit marketing team knows the most important elements needed to create a successful video. A good video will encompass a story, they should be short and sweet, they should have personality (humor always goes over well), it should be hosted on your own domain, be tagged with relevant keywords, and the video should be informative (65% of your audience are visual learners).

Successful videos have been known to increase conversions by 80%! And most businesses will say that video marketing provides an even higher percentage return on investment (ROI). Most videos engage us and ignite our emotions. When that happens you form a bond, which in return builds trust.

When a consumer can see a video of a product or service it makes them more confidence to make the investment. Not to mention Google loves videos! You are 53 times more likely to show up first on a search if you have a video embedded n your website. And since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a huge increase in how videos can change your search engine ranking.

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With everything going on in the world today, mobile video views have grown an absurd amount. Think about how many people you know that like to watch video on the go… How many small children stare at tablets all day? How many teenagers have a nicer smart phone than you? Since the number of smart devices is growing, your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Brandit is a leading marketing agency in NH & Boston, which can promote your business by broadcasting your video ads to your ideal target audience on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other media channels.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the USA after Google, and offers highly cost-effective opportunities to promote your brand, product or service. You can use exsisting video, or we can produce one for you for a low one time investment. We will tailor your video marketing campaign to reach your ideal target market bu geographic location, keywords, demographics, and interests.

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