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By: Scott Chalifour | Posted: May 19, 2021

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It is no secret that running a business these days is challenging. Recruitment is a real issue, costs are rising which is resulting in lower margins. The problem we’re facing is that the public doesn’t seem to be buying as much as they once did. In any environment, companies need to reach out to their customers, train their workforce, and communicate their message right? Many would argue that in these changing times, getting your message heard is more important than ever.

Webcasting can provide the solution you’ve been searching for!


In the same way that video technology has proven itself to be an effective way to disseminate training and corporate communications messaging, webcasting has proven to be an equally efficient way to take your event and deliver it online to your desired audience. Webcasting provides amazing benefits such as reaching a wider audience at a reduced cost, delivering content in a way that holds the viewer until the end of your event, connecting and engaging with your audience in real-time while also answering their questions. By connecting with your customers and/or staff you will gain a better understanding of their concerns. This will help to increase morale, revenues, and build stronger relationships between staff, customers, and your brand.


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Webcasting fulfills the needs of companies of all sizes that have a message that needs to be efficiently captured and immediately broadcasted. Today’s video production techniques combined with online video streaming provide a practical and affordable solution to what used to be an expensive and cumbersome process. Combine that with an audience that is increasingly comfortable viewing media on their desktops, and it is easy to see why online video is becoming more prominent in today’s business climate. Webcasting your message is the perfect vehicle. Although there are some costs associated with webcasting (such as bandwidth usage), webcasting can provide a revenue stream and a return on investment (ROI) by utilizing easily integrated features, like pay-per-view and page sponsorship. When you consider your minimized travel and location expenses for presenters and participants, your event costs can also be reduced significantly by utilizing webcasting to broadcast your message.

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Creating an “on-demand” version of your event further reduces scheduling conflicts and saves on travel expenses, since the viewer can watch at their convenience. Your message can be seen by multiple viewers, and attendees have access to the program for repeated viewing, resulting in better comprehension of the information, and easy sharing with their colleagues. The live webcast still retains much of the functionality of a live event, especially when you choose to utilize options, such as live chat. Allowing the remote audience to ask questions of the presenters and for the live audience, creates an interactive viewer experience that closely resembles a live event. Webcasting and live video capture can be utilized for training, sales, marketing, and corporate communications. And they incorporate many features that enhance the live presentation strengthening the viewer experience and delivering a more engaged audience to the presenter(s). With live video capture and live webcasting, you can also collect viewer data that record participation in your courses and events. You can verify online test results, and even confirm whether viewers watch your entire program. These features can easily be integrated into many of the popular “learning management systems” to provide administration and management of online courses.

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There are many positive results to be gained from integrating webcasting and on-demand video into your business. Savings from reduced travel costs, convenience for attendees, and opportunities that pay-per-view and on-demand products offer. All can directly affect your bottom line and increase the impact of your message. During these challenging times, getting your message out affordably to your target audience is crucial. Webcasting has proven itself to be effective for years and NOW is the time to utilize these capabilities to keep your business thriving. The Brandit team always finds a way to seamlessly interject our uniquely customized and collaborative webcasting and video production services in Manchester NH, all while staying on budget. We also offer video production services in Nashua and Concord, NH, as well.

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