Connecting Emotional Experiences To Your Brand In Your Physical Space.

 By: Michael Hackett  Posted: March 1, 2022

Have you ever walked into a 50’s themed diner and felt like you were transported back in time? I was with my wife and kids at a local diner and as I opened the front door there was a jukebox playing “Shake, Rattle & Roll”, the wait staff had poodle skirts on and the walls had all the 50’s decor you could imagine, right down to the front end an old car sticking out of the wall. This diner had mastered the art of creating an environment that makes you feel a certain way. It was like time slowed down for us in this fast pace world we live in. We sat as a family and really enjoyed just being in the moment and instantly had such a strong positive association to this diner. What an eye opening lesson for me about the importance of brand association and the feelings we get in certain environments. Your workplace presents a very similar front-line opportunity to make a big first impression on every visitor – client, prospect, vendor partner, and potential employee alike. How your company portrays itself throughout your physical location and the feelings people get as they walk though is what we in the industry call effective environmental branding.


Why do you need a branded environment?

In our modern era, environmental branding has become a critical factor in your company’s overall brand strategy. Unlike your online presence, your workplace is where your brand can really come alive and become an extension of who you are as an organization. It allows for people to personally connect with your brand and make a strong emotional connection to it. This can have a profound impact on anyone who walks into your space and will give them another brand touchpoint to experience. Far from just plastering the logo on every wall, Environmental Branding represents the characteristics of a business and requires a mix of multiple design disciplines which can include anything from interior design, circulation, logistics, graphic design, branding, materiality, lighting etc. All of these elements are required to create a successfully branded environment, resulting in a more shared understanding of the brand’s intentions between the business and the customer.


Keep it simple and remember that with branded environments, less can be more.

• Start by considering why you need a branded environment. Is it to instill pride in your current workforce? To help with recruitment of future associates?

• Once you answer the question of “why?” then you can move on to the question of “who?” Who are you trying to reach? Consider working with an outside firm to complete a journey audit to analyze what zones throughout your workspace are most likely to reach different audiences.

• Finally, once you’ve answered why you need a branded environment and to whom you’re communicating, then you can best focus your message and what you want to convey to each audience. Make sure that the message is direct and meaningful to each audience that you’ve identified.


Call the Brandit team today for your space audit. We will walk you through our 6 step process to uncovering hidden opportunities in creating the unique brand experiences with your customers and employees.


Know exactly what you need but not sure how to start the process? Click the link below to schedule a time to chat with us.

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