New Marketing Automation Features that Work While You Sleep

 By: Michael Hackett  Posted: July 30, 2021

Sleep Soundly while New Tools Work for You 24-7.

Have you ever wished you could put your marketing campaign on autopilot and have it working while you were sleeping? With Brandit’s automated Bit-MAP platform you can do just that and more… • Create automatic email marketing campaigns based on the behavior of your leads that work 24-7. • Know which campaigns are most effective and increase the number of leads that come in without increasing spend. • Track leads acquired through both online and offline channels, including phone calls. • See an end-to-end picture of the customer journey, from first interaction to conversion and beyond.

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Why are Brand Guidelines So Important?


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single platform that finally ties into your sales process as well? It’s here at Brandit… • Create alerts for salespeople on hot lead activity so they can immediately reach out whenever a lead demonstrates interest in making a purchase. • See the complete history of every lead, and shape your sales pitch around his or her specific interests. • Focus time on sales-ready leads that have already been nurtured with relevant content and prioritized with custom lead scoring. • Use VisitorID to identify anonymous web visitors, and easily create new lead records using the integrated CRM.

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